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Stephen Kenneston

Having come from the agency side, and subsequently learning the craft of Editor and Camera Assistant over a number of years, Stephen Kenneston has learned how to bridge art with commerce collaboratively as a Director, Cameraman and Photographer. It is those disciplines that elevate the ability to make strategic direction captivating in an image. They’re the basic tools we highly value, when considering an image is the first front to introducing clients to consumers. We do not undervalue the profession to mere clicks of a button when tone, composition, timing, art direction, casting, coverage, lighting, lensing and imagination play such an all encompassing role in creating a personality of influential imagery. To deliver based on the needs of each unique client, you have to know the craft and not just a technique.

Please contact Agent: Ginnie Assenza | Happy Lane (310) 749-3085 or Andrew Scrivner | Executive Producer (801) 597-6020, regarding Stephen Kenneston’s availability.  Thank you.

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